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What is a marine vessel survey?

A marine survey is a detailed boat inspection which determines the current condition and fitness of a vessel for its intended use. An estimated valuation of the vessel is also provided.

Types of VESSEL surveys:

Pre-Purchase Survey To a purchaser, the marine vessel survey should give you a thorough understanding of the condition of the vessel you are about to purchase, and an estimated current market value. 

Rig Surveys 
Rig surveys are inspections of the standing and running rigging. Survey frequency depends on the type and use of vessel and equipment. Discounts apply when performed with an additional survey). 


Mechanical Surveys We firmly advise all clients to have a mechanical survey conducted before buying a vessel. We recommend the use of a trained mechanic specially qualified to assess the engines(s) onboard.

Insurance Survey Condition and valuation surveys are required for vessel insurance; renewal dates vary between insurance companies. The survey is an indicator to the underwriter of the state of the vessel, and a document to the owner of any areas aboard that require attention.


Valuation Surveys This inspection is performed to determine the fair market value of a vessel for financing and estate settlement purposes.


Damage Surveys In the event of an accident, damage surveys evaluate the extent and probable cause. The survey results include recommended repairs as well as an estimate of repair costs.


Corrosion Surveys Corrosion surveys identify corrosion type, investigate the cause and provide preventative recommendations. 

 * Sample marine surveys are available for prospective clients.

More information:

Each purchase survey is a comprehensive inspection of the condition and operation of the overall vessel. It includes a review of the structure, electrical systems, navigation, and safety equipment as well as cosmetic and general design details. An overview of the mechanical systems (engines) occurs during the survey. However, full mechanical inspections are booked separately. The survey is usually conducted both in and out of the water.

A sea trial of the vessel is often requested for purchase surveys; it involves testing of all engines, related shipboard equipment and systems. Advanced booking is required. Sea trials are charged on an hourly basis. Mechanical inspections organized by the client should be coordinated with the sea trial. 


We are trained to use Sovereign moisture meters, thermal imaging, ultrasound, cameras and laser thermometers for survey evaluations

Working with Transport Canada, ABYC, and US Coastguard Regulations,Standards and recommendations, we ensure quality control of a project is being adhered to on new vessel constructions up to 74'.

Additional design services, stability calculations, small vessel compliance and construction management services are available through Yacht Associates International.

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